Blue Heron Botanicals: Zero Waste Skin Care

We create products using the highest quality ingredients in small batches to ensure potency, quality and effectiveness. Whole herbs are handpicked and infused into organic oils using the warmth and energy of the sun. Only natural preservatives are used ensuring that our products are fresh, safe, and good for your skin. Each blend utilizes superior quality medicinal herbs, essential oils and carrier oils selected for their unique healing qualities. Our products are formulated to encourage the skins natural ability to heal itself.  

All products are non-toxic, chemical free and not tested on animals. They are truly natural and safe.


We are committed to reducing the use of plastic within the natural body care industry and utilize innovative eco-friendly packaging. If the ingredients are eco-friendly shouldn’t the packaging be as well? That’s why we are committed to being plastic free and use 100% COMPOSTABLE packaging whenever possible for our products. This makes many of our products ZERO WASTE! We think that’s pretty awesome. Based in Northern California, we strive to source our ingredients as close as possible to our location. This supports our local farms and businesses while reducing our carbon footprint. Some of our products do still contain an ingredient or two from a distant location. Those ingredients are present because their therapeutic benefit outweighs the distance it needs to travel. We are always searching for new ingredients that are similar as well as constantly looking for American sources of ingredients we already use. All products are handcrafted on our off-grid farm in Humboldt County, CA.

When you purchase Blue Heron Botanicals products you can expect:


The majority of Blue Heron Botanicals products are packaged 100% Post consumer waste recycled paper, tins or glass. These options are more expensive than plastic, but are a more sustainable choice for the environment. We focus on the concept of zero waste living. The first step to living zero waste is reduction of waste, then reuse of waste and finally recycling. Many products out there are considers eco-friendly because they come in recyclable packaging. Unfortunately much of this is plastic and if you don’t know already plastic is becoming a huge problem for our environment, especially for our oceans and waterways. Paper packaging is 100% home compostable. Our aluminum tins are made in the USA and are reusable or easily recyclable in the US. We specifically choose glass jars for sea salt soaks and sugar scrubs that are so beautiful you will want to keep them and reuse for your own bath creations, herbs or bulk foods. Please clean and reuse the glass and tins after finished with your product, or recycle the container.


Blue Heron Botanicals focuses on producing products that are rooted in our local economy. We source everything with our location in mind. Blue Heron Botanicals has chosen to highlight locally sourced ingredients. We do not base our product offerings around most exotic or trending ingredients, we choose our ingredients based on their source. Thankfully we are based in Northern California and do not have to look far for quality, organic, therapeutic plant based ingredients. With the exception of Wound Warrior Salve (developed before our localcentric mindset and containing essential oils from across the globe) our products are made with 90% local sourced ingredients and some are 100% local sourced. What does this mean exactly? Well, we work within “local” bubbles. Northern California is the first bubble, then we expand to the West Coast (CA, OR, WA), then United States, then North America and Central America. When looking to source an ingredient or packaging we start with the first bubble and then work our way out as needed.


We use organic ingredients from nature in all Blue Heron Botanicals products, absolutely no synthetic fragrances, preservatives, lathering agents, emulsifiers, or other chemical ingredients.  Blue Heron Botanicals stands by transparency you can trust. All ingredients are clearly listed online and on the product labels (specific essential oils are not listed on all labels due to space, ie. lip therapy, but are fully disclosed online. All Blue Heron Products are Free Of: 

  • Parabens
  • Petrolatum
  • Phthalates
  • Petroleum
  • Propolyne glycol
  • Synthetic and artificial fragrance
  • Synthetic and artificial colors
  • Any other toxic crap! (there are hundreds of ingredients allowed for use in the cosmetics industry which are known toxic chemicals, we use absolutely none of these) 

I have studied herbalism since 2001 and have made my own skincare products for over 15 years. All of the formulas sold by Blue Heron Botanicals have been carefully created, honed, and refined over the years. Each time a new formula is created, countless hours are spent researching all of the ingredients utilized, then the product is tested on myself, friends and family. Feedback is given and adjustments are made and the cycle begins again until the best product is created. Nothing is a private label reproduction and all Blue Heron Botanicals products are unique formulas that you can not find anywhere else.  


The foundation of Blue Heron Botanicals began with the study and love of nature and the medicines it has to offer. Medicinal herbs are present in the majority of BHB products. Wound Warrior salve was the first formula brought to market back in 2001 and is a testament to the healing power of plants. Many of our products contain solar infused herbal oils to enhance the healing properties of already nourishing plant derived oils, butters and waxes. Essential oils are concentrated powerful plant extracts present in all Blue Heron Botanicals products for their healing qualities. We focus on the use of local herbs and oils to further our connection with this region of Northern California and support local farms. Many of the herbs are collected in the wild or grown on our off-grid farm.


Each product is handcrafted in extremely small batches in order to ensure quality and consistency. Each ingredient is hand measured, the batch is hand stirred, hand poured into it’s container and finally hand labeled. Along each step there is the utmost attention to detail infused with years of experience and skill to produce the perfect product for our customers. Any product made that is not up to our standards is considered a second and set aside for personal use or given to friends and family.

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