A portion of the proceeds from each product go to the initiative Billion Baby Turtles conducted by the non-profit SEE Turtles. We have joined their mission to save a billion baby sea turtles! Billion Baby Turtles supports sea turtle conservation organizations that work to protect sea turtle hatchlings across Latin America. The funds go towards paying local residents to patrol important turtle nesting beaches, protecting turtles that come up to nest, and ensuring that the eggs are protected. To date, we have saved more than 1 million hatchlings at important nesting beaches!
You can learn more about this non-profit here

Yes! Unlike many compostable products that are only actually compostable in commercial composting facilities (read: not really that groovy if you don’t live near one, as they will just end up as trash) our tube can be composted at home. The 100% PCW paper tube, biodegradable glue and inks degrade within 2 weeks of being in your compost.

Yes! Our tubes can easily be recycled with cardboard, just make sure you have squeezed out all the contents before tossing in the recycling bin. 

We use organic ingredients in all of our products. Organic Lip Therapy, available in orange and mint are Certified Organic.   

We offer one vegan option, Vegan Lip Therapy.  The rest of our products contain beeswax. We sustainably source our beeswax from local small scale beekeepers. So why Beeswax and not all vegan wax? Well, vegan, plant based waxes come from a few specific plants that only grow in certain climates (not here). Most are highly refined, like the commonly used candelilla wax. We wanted to offer a vegan option, so we use it, but honestly it’s a difficult decision when it comes to sustainability. First off there is no certified organic option for candelilla wax. The raw plant material is wildcrafted and not easily cultivated. And although this may seem great it’s actually not. This plant is a native to the Southwestern US and Northern Mexico and has become threatened due to over harvesting and the high demand for this vegan wax. All candelilla wax comes from Mexico.

Yes! We have thoroughly researched all shipping options to bring your product to you with the least environmental impact. First off we always ship via USPS. Why? Well everyone has a mailbox and most of us get mail everyday. By shipping with USPS your package is delivered along a regularly traveled route that does not contribute to extra mileage or trucking just to get it to your door. We pack using the least amount of packing materials.   Most likely your products will come loose in a kraft padded envelope (made from 100% PCW recycled paper and 100% recyclable or compostable)  with a little thank you card. That’s it! Our shipping labels are also zero waste. Again made form 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable. Sometimes you might find a little tissue or other paper padding in the mix this is packing material that we reuse from our own orders of raw materials.   

Some of our formulas are made with Shea Butter. When exposed to high temperatures Shea can begin to soften and melt. This butter is comprised of different fatty acids that melt at different temperatures. After being exposed to heat as shea cools certain fatty acids bond together creating a grainy texture or “oil crystals”. This is completely normal and does not alter the effectiveness of the product. It can even add a slight exfoliating effect! To prevent this from happening in the future try to keep your lip therapy stored at temperatures below 90 (room temp is best).    To fix a grainy balm you can heat until it is soft and then stick in the fridge to cool quickly and prevent fatty acid separation.