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As a growing small business there is always something new going on at Blue Heron Botanicals. Learn about the benefits of self care and all the wonderful ways this practice can nurture a fulfilling life.
Composting Bucket

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint With Composting

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint With Composting Want a great way of minimizing your carbon footprint? Composting isn’t just
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Tattoo and Wound Balm Duo

Have a Happy Eco-Conscious, Zero-Waste, Gift-Giving Season!

Have you noticed that once you get in the habit, it’s actually pretty easy to practice zero-waste or
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Skincare for Wellbeing Blog

Skincare for

Taking your health, and the health of your family, into your own hands often starts with eating locally
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Plastic Free July Post

Why Plastic Free July is More Than Just a Month

Inspired by the Plastic Free July movement, we’re here to talk about some reasons why we care about going plastic-free and
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Blue Heron Botanicals
Awarded Another

Blue Heron Botanicals sends out a big thank you to the Humboldt Business Challenge once again. On September
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