Blue Heron Botanicals: inspired by island living in Vermont and the Northern California Coast

Blue Heron Botanicals is the passion project born to owner Theora as a young woman living on the Lake Champlain Islands of Vermont.  Growing up in a quaint island town nestled between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont Theora learned the importance of responsible and self sustainable living at a young age.  Theora’s childhood home is where her deep love of Mother Earth was nurtured by her homesteading parents and where she fell in love with the eternally majestic Great Blue Heron, a welcomed and much anticipated symbol of spring on the lake.  Harnessing the rejuvenating energy of spring and the resilient spirit of the Heron, Theora began to create small batch salves and balms that allowed her family’s delicate skin the opportunity to rebound from the harsh conditions to which it was seasonally subjected.

While studying horticulture at the University of Vermont, Theora received the incredible opportunity to intern with a local Burlington based herbalist.  During this internship Theora conceived the recipe for her landmark product, Wound Warrior, and the seed of her redwood sized dream of sustainable beauty products was cultivated.  Inspired by the life and teachings of the renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, Theora knew that a journey westward was her destiny.  To a young herbalist in training, the Pacific northwest called strongly to her and it is ultimately where she found her truth and settled into her identity as a healer and an advocate for the medicinal properties of nature. 

​From her off grid property in the woods of Northern California Theora runs and operates Blue Heron Botanicals, a sustainable and eco-conscious company.  Many of the herbs that are part of each recipe are wildcrafted in Theora’s very own backyard.  In addition to creating her product with minimal impact on the environment, Blue Heron Botanicals is also one of the first companies to package its products in 100% post consumer recycled material that is 100% home compostable.  Blue Heron Botanicals is a company dedicated to creating products that nourish the mind, body and spirit of all people while respecting and honoring all that Mother Earth has provided.  

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